ensures the
resilience of
European cities.



SCOREwater (H2020 Innovation Project) focuses on enhancing the resilience of cities against climate change and urbanization by enabling a water smart society that fulfils European Sustainable Development Goals 3, 6, 11, 12 and 13 and secures future ecosystem services.

SCOREwater develops and tests three large-scale demonstrations cases for collecting, computing and presenting various data tailored to needs of our stakeholders. In Barcelona we initiate a new domain “sewage sociology” mining biomarkers of community-wide lifestyle habits from sewage. In Amersfoort we develop new water monitoring techniques and data-adaptive storm water treatment and apply to water resource protection and legal compliance for construction projects within the Göteborg-case. We enhance resilience against flooding by sensing and hydrological modelling coupled to urban water engineering. We will identify best practices for developing and using the digital services, thus addressing water stakeholders beyond the project partners. The project will also develop technologies to increase public engagement in water management. Moreover, SCOREwater will deliver an innovation ecosystem driven by the financial savings in both maintenance and operation of water systems that are offered using the SCOREwater digital services, providing new business opportunities for water and ICT SMEs.

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SCOREwater Fredrik Hallgren


Project coordinator

SCOREwater will be a start for cities to collaborate with the goal to be water resilient using ICT. Open Source and Open Data will make it easier for cities to share development, data and computational models and we will together explore the possibilities this can have for the different stakeholders as well as for the economy in this new digital ecosystem.

SCOREwater Maria José Chesa Marro

Maria José
Chesa Marro

Head of Environmental and External Relations Service // Barcelona Water Cycle – BCASA

This project will help us reduce pollution at source, minimizing the discharge of improper waste to the toilet. SCOREwater will allow better communication with stakeholders for the continuous improvement of the urban water cycle.

SCOREwater Tom Willebrandts


Project Manager
Future City Foundation

The European H2020 project SCOREwater is a great opportunity for businesses to test smart digital (water) solutions in Amersfoort, Barcelona and Gothenburg by using the open source FIWARE standards.
SCOREwater Åsa Nilsson


Project manager
IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute

By bringing together a team of experts highly qualified in their respective areas, SCOREwater is well equipped for taking on the challenges with digitalisation in the city water domain.

SCOREwater Hanna Matschke Ekholm

Matschke Ekholm

Project manager
IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute

Too much water, too little water or poor quality water is challenging societies in many different ways. I think the SCOREwater project is exciting as it is aiming towards strengthening cities resilience regarding water management with the help of digital solutions as well as real people.

SCOREwater Edgar Rubión Soler

Rubión Soler

Senior Researcher
Fundació Eurecat

We want to help cities improve resilience by using novel IA technologies to solve crucial urban water problems
SCOREwater Lotte Kester


Project leader Amersfoort
Municipality Amersfoort

I think it is important to contribute to objectifying the impact of climate-proof measures. The SCOREwater project gives this opportunity by collecting measurement data and thereby the possibility of testing hypotheses.

SCOREwater Huug Meijer


Project leader Amersfoort case
Municipality Amersfoort

I think it’s important to collaborate with companies, universities, the water authority and residents to improve our water management. SCOREwater is a great opportunity to do so.
SCOREwater Johan M. Sanne

Johan M.

Project manager
IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute

SCOREwater will provide tools to manage the effects of urbanization and climate change with regard to wastewater, stormwater and flooding events, in a cost-effective way, addressing various policies and directives, engaging citizens in sustainable water management as well as contribute to a growing market for water-related SMEs.

SCOREwater Elena Domene Gomez

Domene Gomez

Head of the Department of Urban Sustainability

An inspiring project with significant positive impact on advancing in the real-time micro-scale pro-environmental lifestyles analysis and changing behaviours.
SCOREwater dr. Arnold Lobbrecht

dr. Arnold

Managing Director of HydroLogic

​I am proud to work with other government, research and industry professionals exploring ICT innovations for sustainable water management in cities of the future.

SCOREwater Anton Jacobson


Project manager at IVL
contact for Göteborg-case

Water related issues are getting more and more focus in the media. Both related to climate change but also urbanization. I see SCOREwater as an important and exiting project that plays an important role for future development of cities
SCOREwater Lluis Corominas


Research scientist at Institut Català de Recerca de l'Aigua (ICRA), environmental engineer, coordinator of Barcelona-case

I imagine a future in which lifestyle habits and health status can be mined from sewage in near real-time, and used to inform policy makers, health practitioners, urban planners, and researchers alike. SCOREwater proposes a pioneering approach to bring sewage information mining into practice at the intra-urban scale.

SCOREwater Arjan Ankerman


Program Manager
Future City Foundation

With this great European collaboration we get the chance to find resilient water solutions for a better environment. I can’t wait to see the outcome!
SCOREwater Matthijs van den Brink

van den Brink

Senior Advisor

In SCOREwater, we connect ideas and technological innovations to real data, helping water managers to make the right decisions, in time.
SCOREwater Jordi Raich


Managing Director
s::can Iberia

The SCOREwater project is a perfect opportunity to get smart data to improve city governance. Specifically in Barcelona, learning about citizens habits will allow to better manage and operate sewer networks as well as having a positive impact on the environment and people’s health.

SCOREwater Pieter de Jong

de Jong

Chief Marketing Officer

Thanks to the SCOREwater project, we can make a real impact in water management, addressing several of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. I really believe in the collaborative character of this project and I’m convinced that the outcomes will have international implications

SCOREwater Xavier Garcia Acosta

Garcia Acosta

Researcher of the Department of Urban Sustainability

SCOREwater is a great opportunity to improve the sustainability of sewer systems management through socially relevant knowledge.
SCOREwater Marta Garcia Sierra

Garcia Sierra

Researcher at the Department of Urban Sustainability

Diving into the sewage to unravel the mysteries of urban behaviour.
SCOREwater Boris de Bruin

de Bruin

Marketing and Sales 

SCOREwater inspires me to rethink the way we handle water, it is an exciting but also necessary project to ensure we will have resilient, smart cities in the future!
SCOREwater Stefan Lindgren



I believe technology is a key part in building future-proof cities and I am delighted to explore how we can realize crucial innovations through the SCOREwater project.
SCOREwater Marc Ribalta Gene

Ribalta Gene

Junior Researcher at Fundació Eurecat

SCOREwater wants to support urban resilience through the use of historical data and Machine Learning models in the most efficient way possible, avoiding structural, social and ecological damages.

SCOREwater Patric Kristiansson


Head of Solutions

I look forward to developing new solutions for handling water in cities on an international level, through the SCOREwater project.
SCOREwater Edwin Hubers


Fundraising coordinator
Municipality Amersfoort

With SCOREwater the City of Amersfoort takes the next stop to work towards human-centered smart city innovation and climate adaptation.
SCOREwater Arjen Hof



Working together for a livable and safe city, is what drives me in this project.
SCOREwater Bas Vanmeulebrouk


Senior Software Engineer/Architect

I want to contribute to challenges caused by climate change.
SCOREwater Erik U. Lindblom

Erik U.

Project manager, PhD
IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute

The high quality online monitoring data of the project will lead to improved storm- and wastewater management.
SCOREwater Wendolijn Beukers


Communication Manager
Future City Foundation

Insight in data is the key to a future proof solution.
SCOREwater Liisa Perjo


Project Manager at IVL Swedish 
Environmental Research Institute

For me as a sociologist, it is interesting to be involved in SCOREwater and observe and support how digital services related to water can be developed together with users and stakeholders.
SCOREwater Anders Lindquist


Swedish Hydro Solutions

SCOREwater is a great opportunity to raise the awareness on a EU level regarding the importance of sustainable water management in construction projects
SCOREwater Niek Arends


Java Developer

I feel empowered by technology when dealing with city's rainwater issues.

SCOREwater Helén Galfi


Research coordinator & stormwater specialist, Sustainable Waste and Water, City of Gothenburg

Gothenburg is expanding with numerous construction projects affecting runoff water quality from urban surfaces. We hope to get a better understanding through the project how construction sites alter runoff water quality and recipient waters in the City of Gothenburg.
SCOREwater Josefine Evertsson


Environmental analyst at the unit of Urban Environment City of Gothenburg Environmental Administration

Gothenburg is a rapidly expanding coastal city. The SCOREwater project is interesting to us since it aims to reduce water pollution from construction sites by developing water-smart digital solutions for stormwater management and monitoring.
SCOREwater Monica Escolà


Research scientist at Institut Català de Recerca de l'Aigua (ICRA), environmental scientist

Health, social and environmental sciences studying sewage together to improve life in cities. A wonderful idea.

SCOREwater Carles Borrego


Research scientist at Institut Català de Recerca de l'Aigua (ICRA), microbial ecologist

Sewage hides a huge amount of information about us that is coded in genes, metabolites, and chemicals. SCOREwater aims to decode this information into knowledge to build better, water-smart cities.

SCOREwater Sara Rodríguez-Mozaz


Research scientist at Institut Català de Recerca de l'Aigua (ICRA), analytical environmental chemist

SCOREwater Mira Petrovic


ICRA Research Professor at Institut Català de Recerca de l'Aigua (ICRA), analytical environmental chemist

We aim to further develop a concept for obtaining relevant epidemiological information, such as lifestyle and dietary habits, health status and exposure to pollutants using urban wastewater as human observatory.

SCOREwater Filip Moldan


Senior scientist - IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute

Here in Göteborg it rains a lot and there are several major building projects ongoing. SCOREwater will develop procedures to minimize the impact on water quality downstream the construction sites.
SCOREwater Jakob Sjöberg


Chairman & CTO - Swedish Hydro Solutions AB

SCOREwater addresses several important topics related to sustainable water management, and will help drive the implementation of efficient treatment and monitoring of construction stormwater within the European union.
SCOREwater Xavier Varela Alegre

Varela Alegre

Plan and Innovation Director / Barcelona Water Cycle – BCASA

SCOREwater project will help us increase the quantitative and qualitative wastewater information in Barcelona. The tools that SCOREwater will provide will contribute to a better environmental, social and economic management of the urban water cycle.

SCOREwater Annemarleen Kersbergen


Advisor water management at HydroLogic

It is exciting to be part of the development of new tools for water management in urban areas.