The importance of SCOREwater according to the European Commission

2020-06-11 12:49:45

"What I like about SCOREwater is that it delivers 3 innovative solutions which in my opinion will have high practical value and impact. Firstly, the sewage mining system to monitor citizens’ lifestyle habits and health: no need to mention how useful this tool could be e.g. against the current pandemic. Secondly, a tool for monitoring pollution due to sewage overflows and direct runoffs to water bodies from constructions sites: this is particularly important for enforcing WFD requirements and reaching the zero pollution target, a key objective of the new Green deal. Lastly, digital methods engaging citizens for city resilience against extreme precipitation, flooding and drought: resilience is key for adaptation to the climate change crisis.

I am also confident about the sustainability of the solutions after the end of the project’s lifetime. I always say that Innovation projects is about setting up a new value chain that did not exist before. Hence the fact that beneficiaries are clustered around the 3 solutions plus located in the proximity of the corresponding demo-sites, is ideal for setting up and sustaining these new value chains supporting the individual solutions.

I am really excited to be appointed as a Project Advisor of behalf of EASME for this project. Let us try together to make the most out of this grant"

Read more about the SCOREwater project in the year 1 overview (PDF):