Recap & recording of citizen science webinar March 25

2021-03-30 16:55:49

We are hosting multiple digital events of one hour each, all aimed at people interested in the developments surrounding smart water management and creating (climate) resilient cities. The ‘we’ in this case are the 14 organizations that shape the SCOREwater project, a Horizon 2020 funded research and innovation project with the aim to link the physical and digital world for city water management solutions.

Event recap

The focus of the event of March 25 was on how to engage and collaborate with the local community within a city? The webinar started with a quick introduction into the SCOREwater project. The project is spread out across three different cities (Amersfoort, Barcelona, Gothenburg), each with their own focus. So the citizen science element, which is on of the defining features of the Amersfoort case, is not as present in the other cities which have their own areas of focus.

Aside from the introduction by Asa Nillson from IVL, the Swedish organization in charge of the project management of SCOREwater, the presenters represented the Amersfoort case. Looking at the citizen science within Amersfoort form three different points of view made for an interesting dynamic. If you missed this event it’s worthwhile to skip through the recording, the link is proved below.

Click on this link, or the image below, to watch the recording.

Presentation slides

Below all the slides, used by the presenters during the webinar.

Click here for the slides, Introduction to SCOREwater

Click here for the slides, perspective of community science | MeetJeStad

Click here for the slides, perspective of the city of Amersfoort 

Click here for the slides, perspective of of a provider of the digital infrastructure | Civity