Presentation Flood Alarm

2021-11-08 12:17:14

Photo credits: Amsterdam International Water Web (AIWW)

Last week Matthijs van den Brink (HydroLogic), Sam De Roover (HydroLogic) and Bob Ammerlaan (Weather Impact) presented the Flood Alarm during the Amsterdam International Water Week.

The Flood Alarm predicts flooding due to extreme precipitation in an urban environment. It consists of a machine learning algorithm that computes flood volumes given a precipitation amount and an ‘application’ or service that runs the algorithm four times per day with updated precipitation forecasts, analyses the output and warns the user about a potential flash flood event.

Missed the poster presentation last week? Or you’re just discovering this and want to have a look? Below a link to the poster – in PDF- explaining the Flood Alarm.

Click here for the poster