SCOREwater: Water solutions connecting the world of materials and the digital world

2019-11-05 10:46:13

EU Smart Sustainable Water Management Project - Water Solutions for the Connected Matter World and the Digital World

IVL Beijing Representative Office Swedish Environmental Research Institute of Beijing Representative Office 

Climate change and urbanization have increased the city's challenges in wastewater, stormwater and flood management. In this context, under the auspices of the IVL Swedish Academy of Environmental Sciences, the EU SCOREwater project, involving 14 institutions, hopes to use digital tools to create a flexible water cycle system in the city and to guarantee future ecosystem services.

The SCOREwater project focuses on how to use sensors and digital tools to capture more and more accurate information to respond to changes. The project will develop digital service tools to help cities improve their public awareness of water issues. In order to make the tools developed truly applicable to a variety of users (municipalities, companies, citizens, and civil society), project technology developers work closely with users to develop and test technologies. These digital tools are delivered through an adaptive digital platform, the SCOREwater platform. The development and establishment of the platform is based on three large-scale, cross-disciplinary innovation demonstration projects and platforms for the project to collect, improve, transform and display data to help all relevant stakeholders improve wastewater, storm water and Management of floods and the application of successful experiences to other EU countries. In addition, the platform will be connected with several existing technology platforms by integrating corresponding standards, knowledge ontology and vocabulary, etc., to form an open and intelligent water management platform with interoperability.


Three demonstration projects: 1) The Barcelona (Spain) demonstration project will adopt the “Sewage Sociology” approach, which uses the water quality monitoring in the sewer system to analyze the community's living habits; 2) the Amersfoort (Netherlands) demonstration project New technologies for water flow control and hydrological modeling will be studied; 3) The Gothenburg (Sweden) demonstration project will develop a smart water management system with environmental monitoring and wastewater discharge compliance functions for construction projects.

This project will identify best practices for developing and utilizing digital services to emphasize other stakeholders besides this project. The project will also develop technologies to enhance public participation in water management . With the help of these digital services, the project made it possible to reduce the cost of maintaining and operating the water system. These services will also provide new business opportunities for small and medium-sized water and technology companies.

Partners include : ICRA (Spain), EURECAT (Spain), IERMB (Spain), SCAN (Spain), Talkpool (Sweden), Swedish Hydro solution (Sweden), Gothenburg municipality, CIVITY (Netherlands), Amersfoort municipality (Netherlands), Future City Foundation (Netherlands), BCASA (Spain), Hydrologic (Netherlands), Universeum, (Sweden).



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